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Logo printing


Not sure if you received my last email?

Are you interested in purchasing your LOGO promotional and marketing
products for your company?
We produce USB Drives with your Logo Printed or artwork printed to be used
for gifts or marketing.
Here is more info from our website:

We can pre-load your media files, images, presentations and files onto the
drives for you.

Some reasons to get the USB drives from us:
We make Custom Shaped USB drives in the shape of your logo, product or
anything you like.
Our USB drives are Eco-friendly
We supply USB drives to Fortune 100 companies.
We have over 150 styles and colors to choose from.
People will keep the USB drive you give them and show it to others
increasing your marketing value

Please click
to see all of our stock models and get a quote.

If you are nonprofit, have further discounts for schools and charities.

USB Drive Specialist


Traffic for your website


How is your business going?

Do you need traffic for your website? We provide service that can bring
visitors to your website daily.
No matter what you are selling, increasing website traffic can get your
business into the next level.

Apart from traffic generation, we can also generate leads for your
Please reply if interested, we will send further options.


Pets Care

New arrivals for your pets, visit our shop today and get -10% for all products.

Visit Shop

Use this code: petcare and get -10% for all orders.

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Mini Projector

Portable Mini Projector 1080P Home Projector for Photo Movie Text.
34.99 for clearance.
3 left in Stock.

Order Here Today.

Orders will be processed within 2 business days of ordering and shipped the next day
after the processing day. 

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For your kitchen

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have got some new stuff in stock, mostly for kitchen and dining.

Please check out from our website for more info.  Visit Shop

We have warehouses in USA and Europe. Fast shipping always.                              
USA orders shipping time 5-10 days, International orders 15-20 days.

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Ready to ship some some new items

Happy Easter!

We have some new arrival items ready to ship at stock pricing for both home and office using.

More details in our Web Shop

Countries We can Ship to:
United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Austria, Norway, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Japan, Finland, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal,Thailand,Sweden

Best Regards,
Alex Ryan

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Did you send the images?

Want to retouch your photos? we can help you.

Deep etching or masking for your photos, or even adding clipping path.
Retouching also if needed.

Hopefully to start something for you soon.




Quick follow up


I wanted to follow up from last week.
Did you receive the email I sent you?

I would like to contact the person that does your marketing for your

Do you need more customer leads?
Do you need to increase your sales?
No matter you are selling products or services, we can generate you new
leads from our marketing services.

Looking forward to your response and addressing your needs.

Thanks and regards,
Peter Dustin

for your company

Are you upset for your current business s a l e s?

We provide email C A M P A I G N service and we can bring you business l e
a d s and up your s a l e s.

Please reply today so we can send options for you.

Kind Regards,


How are you doing today?

We have not heard from you yet. Are you still interested in our photo
retouching services?
We mainly do:

e-commerce products photo retouching
jewelry photos retouching
model beauty/skin retouching
wedding photo editing
also photo cutting out, clipping path

You may choose to send us a photo for testing which you can check our